Server Monitoring


Proactive Health Monitoring

It is an old adage, and a true one: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When a server fails, it means downtime costs - which will likely 'ripple' through the netowrk, repair bills and possibly having to replace the entire server.

Consider a server that has a faulty or failed fan which causes improper airflow. As server and processor temperatures rise, the following problems are the most likely to occur:

  • Reduction of component or CPU life-span
  • Random freezes and/or resets
  • Permanent damage to the processor or other components.

Each of these consequences is costly, in terms of repair or replacement costs and employee efficiency. And this is only one of many different scenarios which could affect your business.

With CybertronIT's Proactive Health Monitoring, we guard over your server's health, often calling you to let you know of a problem before you are even aware it has occurred. By replacing minor components such as fans, CybertronIT prevents the cascade to major, costly issues, saving your company time, money and data.

Application Monitoring

The ultimate goal of Application Monitoring is to improve service quality for users while improving the effectiveness of the IT applications and infrastructure. The main benefit of Application Monitoring by CybertronIT is its capacity to identify precisely where transactions are delayed within the IT infrastructure. CybertronIT also aims to provide proactive problem prevention and the generation of service intelligence for optimization of resource provisioning and virtualization.

Services Monitoring

By monitoring the various services; web server; mail server; dns server; database server; etc., CybertronIT ensures that they are all up and running at peak efficiency, 24/7/365. Should something interrupt one or more of your services, CybertronIT is alerted immediately, so that the service can be restored as quickly as possible, limiting or perhaps preventing costly downtime.

Resources Monitoring

Having a server without proper resources is like having a high-performance car with bad spark plugs - neither is going to run properly.

By monitoring such metrics as; CPU Utilization; Memory Usage; and Storage Performance, among others, CybertronIT ensures that your servers and network are performing at their best. CybertronIT can also evaluate the resource patterns and recommend and perform optimization solutions. Get the most from your investment with CybertronIT.