Network Monitoring


Ongoing Network Monitoring

When discussing various Monitoring Services, one of the most overlooked is ongoing network traffic monitoring. Most feel that once a network is designed and installed, that should be that. It will always work at peak efficiency, right? Wrong. While a properly designed and installed network will indeed maximize initial performance and slow/minimize performance degradation over time, it is not something that should be ignored.

Data is like water - it can only flow as quickly as the most restricted portion of its path will allow. When issues occur, they may not be something as obvious as a complete breakdown in one or more parts or systems. Or perhaps changes are made in how one or more systems are utilized. These, and other, circumstances can cause bottlenecks in the flow of data. And just as building a dam across a river blocks the swift flow of water, so too do these bottlenecks impact the flow of data in your network.

CybertronIT will monitor your overall network performance on an ongoing basis. When there are negative changes to the efficiency of the network, CybertronIT will then quickly determine the cause and help you take appropriate action, to ensure that you benefit from the highest possible performance from your network investment.