Desktop Monitoring


Proactive Health Monitoring

It is an old adage, and a true one: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When a system fails, it means downtime costs, repair bills and possibly having to replace the entire system and software suite.

Consider a system that has a faulty or failed processor fan. As system and processor temperatures rise, the following problems are the most likely to occur:

  • Reduction of CPU life-span
  • Random freezes and/or resets
  • Permanent damage to the processor.

Each of these consequences is costly, in terms of repair or replacement costs and employee efficiency. And this is only one of many different scenarios which could affect your business.

With CybertronIT's Proactive Health Monitoring, we guard over your systems' health, often calling you to let you know of a problem before you are even aware it has occurred. By replacing minor components such as fans, CybertronIT prevents the cascade to major, costly issues, saving your company time, money and data.

Email Virus Monitoring

Viruses are one of the most common and damaging threats to businesses today; yet they are also one of the least protected against. In the past, companies have taken a "Well, it happens to others, but it won't happen to us" attitude. For many, the lessons learned after infection have been costly.

During the last decade, outbreaks of individual viruses that have a significant effect on individuals and businesses has averaged more than one per quarter.

Two surveys, over the last two years, by a leading internet security research firm, indicate the following:

  • 73 percent of Small Businesses and 75 percent of Enterprise Businesses have been victims of virus attacks, during the survey period alone.
  • 100 percent of these attacks resulted in losses, such as downtime, data and personally indentifying information of customers or employees.
  • Attacks are increasing in frequency and effectiveness.

CybertronIT will constantly update and monitor the security of your email system, the most common and vulnerable infection vector. This will prevent data loss, downtime, slowdowns and costly virsus removals. CybertronIT brings peace of mind to your business communications.

Resources Monitoring

Having a computer without proper resources is like having a high-performance car with bad spark plugs - neither is going to run properly.

By monitoring such metrics as; CPU Utilization; Memory Usage; and Storage Performance, among others, CybertronIT ensures that your systems are performing at their best. CybertronIT can also evaluate the resource patterns and recommend and perform optimization solutions. Get the most from your investment with CybertronIT.