Managed Security


Virus Detection & Removal

When a virus does break through all existing measures, proper handling of the situation can mean the the difference between having your data or losing it forever.

CybertronIT uses advanced detection and disinfection methods, to ensure your network is virus free, and your data safe.

Spyware Detection & Removal

Spyware not only decreases the performance of your network, it can also jeopardize private data. Spyware is meant to do just what its name implies - spy. By collecting data from browsing habits to accounting and password information, Spyware can cause immense damage to your company. And most often, this data theft continues for months or even years, before being detected, if ever.

CybertronIT utilizes only the strongest and most effective Spyware detection and removal procedures and techniques, to keep your company's information safe from unwanted eyes.

Email & User Security

Any point at which your network communicates with the 'outside world' can be a vector for infection. Email and improperly configured User settings are two of the more vulnerable of these.

And should a system become compromised due to a physical vector, such as an infected flash drive or CD, inserted into a desktop by an employee, the Internal Security Settings will determine if this issue wreaks havoc by spreading throughout your network, or is stopped at the point of entry.

CybertronIT configures your email and user security settings, to minimize your company's exposure to these risks.

Infrastructure Security

When discussing risks to a business' network, many think of hackers, worms or viruses. Few consider the potential issues that can arise from within.

Whether due to a disgruntled worker, or loyal employee's innocent carelessness, damage can be done, if a network and its firewalls and security settings aren't properly configured.

CybertronIT makes certain that access to settings and data is properly configured for all employees, to keep your network and data safe.

Data Encryption

Encrypting your data is simply going that extra step to protect your property. Working transparently, while on your own authorized network, data encryption of sensitive information makes certain that even if obtained by unauthorized persons, it will remain secure.

As an example, you have an employee that travels to see clients, or works remotely at least part of the time. Their laptop becomes lost or stolen. If not encrypted, the data on the laptop is at risk. This can be especially damaging if the data contains any of the following:

  • Company banking account information
  • Employee personal information
  • Trade Secrets
  • Data that is covered by privacy laws, such as HIPPA. In cases such as these, the company can be exposed to large legal and financial risks.

If the data were encrypted, the finder or thief of the laptop would be unable to read or use the data, even though they possessed it.

CybertronIT will encrypt any or all data you deem as worthy of this added layer of security and peace of mind.