Managed Maintenance


Network and Firewall Management

Many companies put their network performance and security on 'cruise control' after the initial installation. The reality of an If it isn't broke, don't fix it approach is that such a network is that it rapidly loses performance and security. Security software, firmware and configuration updates are ever-changing. Those who would hack your network, or write a virus to damage, destroy or steal information are constantly improving their methods. Too keep pace with them, and remain safe, a network must be constantly maintained.

CybertronIT monitors these updates, and makes certain that your network and its firewall measures are kept current and safe.

Automated Patch Management

When your network goes down, the cost to your company isn't simply the amount paid to repair the issue and recover data. It is also the cost of every employee that cannot do their job properly, or at all. Lost sales, customers and 'catch-up' time, also contribute to the high cost incurred by even a short outage.

From October 2003 to October 2009, Microsoft alone listed approximately 745 vulnerabilities, issued across about 400 security bulletins. And not all of them are simple bug fixes for functions or efficiency. Of these bulletins, more than 50% of them (230), dealt with 'Critical' vulnerabilities. Critical vulnerabilities are those that would allow attackers to take full administrative control of a system from a remote location.

CybertonIT's Automated Patch Management tracks each software and security update, and makes certain that the ones you need are installed as quickly as possible. You benefit from increased employee efficiency and productivity. You also gain a lower vulnerability profile, ensuring the safety and integrity of your network and data.

Disk Defragmentation

Defragmentation is the result of files not being written to storage media in a contiguous manner. Though this is a natural result of how files are stored, it greatly impacts performance. When you consider the thousands of files used on a network each day, the impact on performance and employee efficiency can be dramatic.

Below, there are three examples of a single sentence. They go from high fragmentation to low fragmentation.
Sentence example:

  • n.etattDlrs tnrmowihe trgmfiasiot tnf ofoes n inr iead esan oadktemsyeimt akdDaoreif
  • to for lowers and find it a time the system Disk information. Defragmentation takes read
  • Disk Defragmentation lowers the time it takes for a system to find and read information.

All three lines contain the exact same data. On a hard drive, the data not only becomes jumbled, it gets scattered and mixed with other data across the drive.

When a file has all of its information together and in order, from start to finish, the hard drive can perform just one search and read operation. When the file is fragmented, the hard drive has to perform many search and read operations to retrieve the same information. The same processes are true when saving files as well. Each additional operation takes additional time.

CybertronIT will make certain that your drives are as defragmented as possible, increasing performance, employee efficiency and your bottom line.

Disk Clean-up

Temporary files are not the only electronic odds and ends that build up on a hard drive. For example, when a file is deleted, it isn't really erased. It is just marked as available space. Unfortunately, this leaves other files fragmented and worse, the inaccessible data still causes negative system performance issues. With CybertronIT monitoring and maintaining your systems, these now-detrimental files will be cleared away, to make room for the data you need, while improving performance and efficiency.

Temp File Removal

Unused and undeleted temporary files are a drag on network resources and performance. As applications are installed, removed, or read and write information, temporary files are often created. Many are deleted when they are no longer needed. A sizeable number, however, are not. Over time, these files take up more and more storage space, and increase fragmentation of desired applications and data.

CybertronIT cleans this unwanted digital debris from your network, maintaining high performance and employee efficiency.