Unified Technology
IP Surveillance

Unified Technology solutions from CybertronIT provides a range of support services and features unequaled in the world of telephony, at low cost.

Centralized Communications

  • Seamless extension dialing between all your locations on your private network, or even over the public Internet, is easily accomplished. All your locations can act as one large office no matter where in the world they are located. This also provides the advantage of eliminating long distance charges between your locations.
  • With IP Telephony you can connect all your offices together on your own private network. Or you can use the “quasi-private” network of a carrier. Your voice traffic never has to travel through the public internet.
  • Easily and economically connect traveling or home-based workers. Your remote worker can be easily connected to your office phone system with a smart phone or high speed connection such as DSL or cable Internet. Their mobile or remote phone, located anywhere in the world, is now a phone on your office phone system with all the individual settings that worker has on their phone at the office. Someone calls your office and the call automatically rings the phone at your worker’s location.

Reduced Costs

  • You have the advantage of carrying your voice traffic over the same network infrastructure that carries your data traffic between offices. This provides a lower cost than the traditional means of a totally private network connecting your offices.
  • Use one cabling infrastructure to carry both data and voice traffic instead of a separate cabling infrastructure for each. This provides significant cost savings especially if you are moving your office or setting up a new office.
  • Simplified system administration through a GUI (graphical user interface), significantly reducing your maintenance costs.
  • Easier moves of extensions. When moving from one location in your building to another, it previously required re-programming the telephone switch and physically changing some wires in the “telephone closet.” With IP Telephony you simply plug the telephone into the new location. All the personal settings move with the phone. Costs for moves are dramatically reduced.

Network IP cameras connect to a computer network and act as video servers. This allows an authorized user to securely control the camera and view the video from any computer equipped with a web browser. Surveillance can thus be handled remotely from anywhere in the world, so long as a user has authorized access to the camera(s).

Some of the most common advantages of IP-based video surveillance as compared to analog CCTV are:

  • Password lockout of unauthorized personnel to prevent viewing images or altering the camera configuration.
  • Reduced system cost and added functionality due to general-purpose IP networking equipment infrastructure.
  • Lower cost of cabling in large installations (CAT5e instead of RG-59 coaxial cable).
  • Reduced space requirements because physically large and expensive video matrix switchers are not needed.
  • IP cameras have higher image resolutions and cover more area than their analog counterparts.
  • Capability for digital zoom of high-resolution megapixel images.
  • Independent trigger and frame rate control for each camera in a system, allowing control over storage requirements.
  • Ability to use Power over Ethernet allowing for one cable to handle power and data.
  • Remote access and control of cameras, including PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) functions.
  • Wireless compatible capabilities allow cameras to be placed nearly anywhere.
  • On-camera automated alerting via email or file transfer in response to video motion detection or dry-contact alarms.
  • Integration of video surveillance with other systems and functions such as access control, alarm systems, etc.
  • Remote configuration, diagnostics, and maintenance

Whether you need IP-based phone service, IP Video / Audio Surveillance or both, CybertronIT is your start-to-finish solution provider.

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