1st Place in Engineering, 2nd Place in People’s Choice, 3rd Place in Creative

Wichita, KS – Wichita based computer manufacturer CybertronPC’s CLX brand stole the show with a $30,000 custom gaming computer at the Intel Extreme Rig Contest last night. CLX placed in three of the four judging categories, taking home the first place prize for Engineering.

“Wichita isn’t often associated with innovation, but we should be. Wichita is doing big things in the technology sector. Cybertron has been manufacturing PC’s here for twenty years, and like many amazing small businesses here in Wichita, we are competing in a global market using technology. It’s Wichita’s time to get a spot on the map” said Ahmed Abdelaziz, CEO of Cybertron International. Continue reading…

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We had a blast at the “Science Saturday – A Fundraiser for Science Friday Live!” out at the WSU Experiential Engineering Building on June 25th. We hosted a VR station with a couple Oculus systems in the CybertronPC Lab where guests had fun riding virtual roller coasters. Best of all though was the custom KMUW Science Friday CLX Ra desktop we designed just for the silent auction. This machine was gorgeous with a beautiful space background and KMUW logo. Sorry, there was only one of these bad boys and some lucky person already took it home. We think this may be the ultimate fan gear ever.

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CybertronPC donates $2.5 million to Wichita State

The local computer maker on Tuesday donated to the university’s school of engineering hundreds of computers and five years of tech support. dvoorhis@wichitaeagle.com

WSU President John Bardo described the gift as “phenomenal” and said it gives the school’s engineering students “the best computing capacity anywhere in the United States.”

CybertronPC needs a steady stream of trained IT talent, and making the investment in computer equipment will aid that, as well as the greater community, Marcos said.

And aiding the community was always in their minds, Aziz, the CEO, told the audience.

Dan Voorhis: 316-268-6577, @danvoorhis
Read more here: http://www.kansas.com/news/business/article55460735.html
Photos credit: http://kmuw.org

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While not as well-known among deep-pocketed PC gaming enthusiasts as brands such as Alienware or Origin PC, CybertronPC has been knocking out highly customizable gaming PCs for years, and was best known as a place to get a real a la carte gaming desktop built from exactly the case and components you wanted for a reasonable price.

While keeping the sci-fi-inspired name (Cybertron is the home planet of the Autobots, after all), the company now has a high-end line of carefully tuned gaming systems, with premium looks and premium prices. The new CLX line tops out with the CLX Ra — yes, named for the Egyptian deity — which goes head to head with the highest-end gaming desktops we’ve tested in our Nvidia 1080 system roundup.

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CybertronPC has around since 1997, but its CLX line of custom luxury gaming beast machines are a recent development. Today we look at the line’s small-but-powerful desktop, the Scarab.

Before we begin, let me establish that the Kansas-based computer company has no connection whatsoever to Hasbro’s popular line of transforming robots, who happen to hail from the planet Cybertron. CybertronPC is not allowed to reference the Autobots, Decepticons, Maximals or Predacons in their marketing material. I, on the other hand, can reference them all I want, so I will.

The CLX is a new dedicated luxury gaming line of systems, with names inspired not by the millions of years of conflict between warring factions of transforming robots, but rather by Egyptian mythology. There are three desktops—the small Scarab, the medium Horus and the towering Ra, as well as a pair of laptops, the Anubis and Osiris. Would they have worked better as the Bumblebee, Lazerbeak, Optimus Prime, Ravage and Megatron (tank version)? It hardly matters, as CybertronPC is not affiliated with the Transformers in any way. Also, yes.

The Scarab is the Bumblebee of the lot. It’s small and stylish while still packing a lot of power. Configurations start at $999, which is a price you don’t see very often for a boutique PC. Mind you the $999 is for a system that’s not nearly as pretty as the one I reviewed.

The hardware is tucked neatly away inside CybertronPC’s version of the In Win 901 mini ITX tower case, which is one of the coolest little cases I’ve come across. It’s an aluminum frame with tempered glass side panels that I’d seriously consider picking up for myself if I had a smaller motherboard handy. There are a few odd things about the case, but I’ll cover those once we get a little deeper in.

Combined with the custom paint job from CybertronPC’s in-house team using House of Kolor paint, you wind up with quite an attractive little system.

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Plugging high-end gaming desktop hardware into a laptop may seem like a crazy idea, but CybertronPC has pulled it off.

It’s hard to believe the CLX Osiris 17 and 17x PCs from CybertronPC are actually laptops when when you read the basic specifications. Don’t expect much battery life from these desktop-replacement laptops, which have 17-inch screens.

The Osiris 17 can be configured with Intel’s “Skylake” Core i7-6700K, a high-end desktop chip that can be overclocked to crank up gaming performance. The Osiris 17x model can also be configured with up to two Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 graphics processors, which are commonly found in SLI (scalable link interface) configurations in desktops.

Osiris 17 and 17x can support up to 64GB of DDR4 memory, which is better than gaming laptops available today. The laptops have 1080p displays, which is poor quality, but the goal is for users to attach external peripherals like speakers, keyboards, mice and monitors. The laptops have two Ethernet ports, display ports and more USB ports than average laptops.

Packing such high-end components into a laptop requires re-engineering a motherboard, but can also be dangerous. The high temperature and heat generated could affect functionality or melt components. But the thick laptop has a giant vent at the back to dispose of the heat.

Questions remain as to how far CybertronPC recommends pushing the performance of CPUs and GPUs, which generate the most heat. Desktops have power supplies and fans to dissipate heat, but there must be a limit on the amount of heat these laptops can generate and dissipate.

CybertronPC announced the new machines Friday, but details were sparse, and the company didn’t immediately respond to questions about pricing, availability and full specifications of the Osiris 17 and 17x.

For those who want a true mobile gaming, CybertronPC has also introduced the lightweight CLX Anubis gaming PC. The laptop can be configured with Intel’s latest quad-core Core i7 6700HQ processors, which started shipping this week. The CPU can be paired with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M mobile GPU.

Read more here: http://www.pcworld.com/article/3027249/hardware/monster-gaming-laptop-from-cybertronpc-packs-latest-desktop-hardware.html

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