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Author: CitDev

Radio Active at KMUW

The Golden Age of Radio is approaching its centennial, so it may not surprise you to learn radio reaches 93% of Americans today according to News Generation. Radio’s continued impact depends on one element that has driven the success of radio broadcasting for over one-hundred years: technology. Of course, today’s computer-driven digital radio technology is…
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Cybertron’s CLX Takes 1st in Engineering: 2018 Intel Extreme Rig Contest

1st Place in Engineering, 2nd Place in People’s Choice, 3rd Place in Creative Wichita, KS – Wichita based computer manufacturer CybertronPC’s CLX brand stole the show with a $30,000 custom gaming computer at the Intel Extreme Rig Contest last night. CLX placed in three of the four judging categories, taking home the first place prize…
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KMUW Technology Fund was established by CybertronIT

KMUW Technology Fund was established by Cybertron with a generous gift of top quality technology to support expanded news coverage.

Custom Desktop for KMUW’s Science Friday Live

We had a blast at the “Science Saturday – A Fundraiser for Science Friday Live!” out at the WSU Experiential Engineering Building on June 25th. We hosted a VR station with a couple Oculus systems in the CybertronPC Lab where guests had fun riding virtual roller coasters. Best of all though was the custom KMUW…
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