Did you know most businesses under-utilize technology? CybertronIT helps clients efficiently address their business objectives with innovative technology solutions. We can help you fast track your success, just give us a call to set a time to discuss your needs. With over 19 years experience providing full-service IT solutions and in nationally recognized custom computer configurations, Cybertron understands networking inside and out.

A Proven Track Record

We have been an established Kansas Corporation since January of 1997. We take great pride in our high level of customer service and support. Our consistent quality and highest level of support has earned CybertronIT the distinction of being the 15th Largest system Builder in the USA (CRN , 2007) Rest assured that when doing business with us, you will receive only the highest quality in both our products and service.

CybertronIT offers World-class technical support to the end users of all technical backgrounds. Whatever their level of technical knowledge is, we will tailor our support to fit them.


At CybertronIT our mission to integrate trusted technology solutions that fully support client goals is achieved by creating a culture that empowers our team members to provide exceptional service to clients.


To deliver value that creates real change, making CybertronIT the most respected IT service brand.

Our Target

No matter what the future of technology holds, our number one goal will never change, which is to you with unmatched levels of reliability and expertise.

Stop Worrying About IT and Focus on YOUR business

CybertronPC will eliminate preventable downtimes and disasters – for good!
A free, no obligation network assessment by our engineers will help you identify risks and opportunities.