Proactive IT solutions provide your organization with dependable networks and user platforms.

Maximize business opportunity through full technology enablement and integration.

Let our engineers give you a full network assessment. A $1000 value, yours free today.

Technology That Works For You, Not Against You

For twenty years, Cybertron has been making technology easier and more effective for clients from our headquarters in Wichita, KS. We deliver comprehensive IT services and professional support to businesses across the United States by watching for potential network errors and fixing them before your users ever experience any issues. This proactive IT solution gives businesses a clear advantage by providing dependable networks and user platforms.

  • Managed IT Services

    Managed Maintenance

    CybertronIT concentrates on essential maintenance duties to reduce the risk of downtime.

    Managed Security

    CybertronIT can configure your wireless network allow only authorized devices access.

    Managed Network Services

    We ensure your network’s infrastructure is robust enough to carry the weight of your operations.

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  • IT Optimization

    A Proven Framework

    CybertronIT has a proven framework for evaluating and identifying levels impact and need.

    Targeting Essential Components

    The CybertronIT framework assigns business centric priorities to IT projects, resources and assets.

    Maximizing Investment Impact

    Maximizes the impact of your IT investment as it aligns business goals and objectives.

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  • Virtualization

    Desktop Virtualization

    Allow several users to make use of the excess power of a single computer.

    Server Virtualization

    With Server Virtualization, ROI is increased, due to the lower initial investment in hardware.

    Storage Virtualization

    Reduce waste storage. Storage virtualization will allocate space only as it is required.

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  • Network Security

    Secure Configuration

    We properly configure and secure Site-to-Site and Client VPNs to T1, Bonded T1 and Fiber IP setups.

    Firewall Protection

    We ensure that your Router/Switch/Firewall is correct and functioning.

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  • Hardware

    Custom Workstation Design

    CybertronIT can custom tailor cost effective servers and workstation solutions to get the job done right.

    CybertronPC Built

    Cybertron International, Inc. has been an established Kansas Corporation since 1997.

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  • IP Based Technology

    Centralized Communications

    With IP Telephony you can connect all your offices together on your own private network.

    Reduced Operating Costs

    Centralization your network infrastructure can offer significant cost savings.

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  • Networking Services

    Secure and Reliable

    Don’t compromise network security, we will configure your wireless network properly.

    Improved Network Accessibility

    Enable employees to work across devices and locations with secure wireless networking.

    Adapts to Business Changes

    Give your business the freedom that allows for the rapid changes within your organization.

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  • IT Consulting

    Is Your Infrastructure Strong Enough?

    Your network’s infrastructure is the backbone of your entire organization.

    Infrastructure Design & Deployment

    CybertronIT will ensure your network is robust enough to carry the weight of your operations.

    Wide Area Networks (WAN)

    The geographically dispersed aspect of WAN means more flexibility for your business.

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  • Monitoring Services

    Desktop Monitoring

    Proactive Health , Email Virus
    and Resources Monitoring

    Server Monitoring

    Proactive Health, Application
    and Services Monitoring

    Network Monitoring

    When there are negative changes to the efficiency of your network, CybertronIT take appropriate action.

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Stop Worrying About IT and Focus on YOUR business

CybertronPC will eliminate preventable downtimes and disasters – for good!
A free, no obligation network assessment by our engineers will help you identify risks and opportunities.