Comprehensive Technology Solutions


Avoid interruptions with proactive diagnosis and issue mitigation.

Networking & Security

Safeguard your business with up to date infrastructure, and a team that proactively mitigates threats.

Deployments & Migrations

Experience headache free setup of new systems with expert deployment and migration

Virtualization & Cloud

Maximize your technology investment with strategic resource allocation.

Our clients were satisfied with the
resolution of their issues
98.7% of the time in 2018.
(We’re super proud of our techs.)

What Clients Are Saying

Royce Bowden

WSU College of Engineering

“Cybertron’s leadership shares
our vision for how important the EEB labs will be to the success of our students,” Bowden said. “They are individuals who recognize the
value of preparing graduates with not only advanced engineering skills, but also a creative confidence and
entrepreneurial bent.”

Stacey Bundy

Guadalupe Clinic

“I’ve worked with Cybertron for several years and they consistently go above and beyond to ensure that we have what we need promptly and accurately. I wouldn’t want to work with any other company.”

We’re The Experts

Sure, we’re IT experts but is that enough? 
We don’t think so.

You need a technology partner who will not only spring into action when there’s an emergency, but also who will anticipate your needs to avoid an emergency. Cybertron assesses your I.T. situation then develops the right solution by combining the best hardware solutions with the I.T. services to match your goals and your budget. Yes, you’ve made it this far without the right technology in place, but you can bet your competitors are looking for a competitive edge and hackers are looking for a vulnerability.

Custom Engineered Hardware

Cybertron specializes in comprehensive computer technology solutions comprising of custom engineered hardware, cybersecurity, and I.T. services.

  • 18th largest North American computer integrator
  • Over 20 Years as a systems integrator & I.T. provider
  • 98.7% client satisfaction for issue resolution in 2018



Servers & GPU’s